We're Always Looking for Rockstars!

We are looking for the best . . . around! [insert montage where you run up the side of a mountain carrying a log on your shoulders, and then you're punching a big side of beef hanging in a freezer, now you're chasing a chicken, etc.] - Are you up to the challenge? Can you meet our admittedly high standards and expectations?

Are you cheeky enough? Do you have any tattoos of video game characters? Oh my god, you have a tattoo of Mario?!? On your butt?!? Get down here RIGHT NOW. Nah, but while it really is important to have a passion for gaming and be down with gamer culture, we need hard-working self-starters who can give our members and guests an amazing and delightful experience - every time.

We need rockstars . . . superheroes . . . some third category of amazing persons. We need Avenger or X-Men levels of quality applied to our customer experience: smooth service, fun atmosphere, cold drinks, etc. This is an opportunity for great growth potential with a company that is just getting started but destined for great things.

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The Guild Hall Retail NPC
The Chromatic Dragon Host, Server, Bartender, Line Cook
Jolly Goblin Games MtG Specialist, Retail NPC
8-Bit Donuts Barrista, Donut Chef