Planeswalker Weekend
Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 3:00 pm
Jolly Goblin Games, Savannah, United States, 31401 - View Full Map
Join us for Planeswalker Weekend, Saturday May 25th at 3pm! Planeswalker weekend is a new event for Magic and will be a draft tournament featuring War of the Spark booster packs! There's 36 Planeswalkers included in the set, and each booster pack contains at least one Planeswalker.

For the Planeswalker Weekend Draft event, Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that players will be able to play every Planeswalker they open, regardless of the color(s) of their deck. There will be promos, prizes, and the 1st place winner will get an exclusive playmat! It's $15 to enter and you keep the cards you draft!